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Compliance & risk.

We’ve got you, we’ll dot your I’s and cross your T’s

We've got it handled

It's time to chat about HR compliance and risk mitigation. Running any size biz brings challenges like navigating rules and regs, nailing the tax and financial side as well as knowing how to manage workers comp claims.


The good news? We cover all bases plus we take on the stress and risk, making sure it’s smooth sailing for you.

Tribe handles

Workers compensation
Return to work
HR compliance legislation changes
Safety compliance and audits

You're left with

Alerting Tribe to any incidents or concerns
Your BAU workplace health and safety tasks

What’s the low down?

Check this out!

Workers’ comp support

Stay in the know

Stay on top of work incidents

We keep
across the 

latest info

With HR compliance legislation changing regularly, it's our job to ensure the law is followed to a tee. 

We’ve got the knack for keeping across the latest information, understanding and determining how these laws are relevant to you, our clients – ensuring your workplace plays by the rules and regulations. Oh, and those pesky issues that pop up? We take care of them for you!  

We lead the way when it comes to workers comp with our expertise and maturity within the space. With over 20 years of experience, our team of rockstars have worked across all of Australia and New Zealand.  

When it comes to return to work, we don’t do one-size-fits-all. We partner with our clients to facilitate quick Return To Work (RTW) outcomes by coordinating our RTW programs within restrictions that our employees can perform productive alternate duties onsite.

We're not your average Joe

Don't forget safety 

Guess what else is in our bag of tricks? Every six to 12 months we're on the scene, carrying out an assessment to help you spot any potential risks and assist with fixing them. 

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Chat with

Ready for a 1:1 15 minute chat to see if we align? No spam, just good vibes, guaranteed! 

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