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Choose your team and we'll deal with the rest

We get it...

Onboarding employees means juggling paperwork, setting up access, training, ticking off those legal and compliance docs all whilst keeping the comms flowing alongside good team and culture vibes. It’s a lot for a small biz, right?


We're here to help with employee onboarding and those first day feels. We'll sort out everything that needs to happen before your employees start work. We've got staff inductions in the bag, we're on it!

Tribe handles

Employee onboarding paperwork
Personal details 
Financial info (like bank details, super etc.)
Quals and tickets 
Chasing up info

You're left with


...and running your business!

What’s onboarding involve?

Hand the 
paperwork to us

We've got it sorted

Onboard your staff with ease

You get
real people

Tribe Workforce isn't your typical hotline, it's run by real people - say hello to your dedicated account manager, your sidekick for Human Resources (HR), Employee Relations (ER), payroll and safety - the full package for your workplace.

As part of your onboarding, we’ll undertake a safety assessment on site. That’s right, we’re here to make sure your tribe stays safe and sound. We’re on a mission to ensure everything runs smoothly, we’ll assist you to comply with current WHS legislation and if it needs any improvement we know what to do.

Safety, say what!?

End-to-end service

Let's cut to the chase – our perks extend beyond looking after the boring bits. When you partner with Tribe you hire, train and lead your team - business as usual - we handle the boring bits - onboarding employees, payroll, IR/HR regulation, risk, compliance, admin, and more.

Lena Wiese.png

Don't be shy, hit Lena up

If you contact us for more info or even a few questions, it isn’t going to turn into a sitch where we call you every week. If we align, that’s great news however if we don’t or you’re not ready – that's ok, we will leave it at that.

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