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Tribe Training.

Staff training made easy

Simple, easy and efficient

Ever wish training your team could be as easy as tying your shoelaces? Well, strap in because we’re about to make that dream a reality.


Introducing Tribe Training – the superhero of staff development. Say goodbye to snooze-worthy webinars or all-day training workshops and hello to an epic self-paced learning. It’s designed to revolutionise the way you train, develop and retain your workforce. The best news? You can gain access to an extensive stash of short and long courses tailored to your industry's specific needs.  

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Tailored learning and upskilling

Use this platform to:

Inductions made easy
Build your crew’s skills with relevant training such as RSA, food handling, customer service
Upskill existing staff to fill senior roles 
Set your crew up for the future 

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It's a win-win

Tribe Training can also be used in a number of ways, winning! From off the shelf courses to an industry specific dashboard or even by uploading your customised training, say no more! 

We’ll put together a recommended course library of ready made, off the shelf courses so you can onboard and upskill your crew.  

Off the shelf

Industry specific dashboard 

You can also customise your dashboard with courses that match your industry’s requirements. From mastering the art of coffee-making to hospitality essentials like bar and wait service to back of house operations and leadership training, we’ve got your industries needs covered and opportunities for your staff to enhance their skills and careers.  

Last but not least, if you have training tailored specifically to your biz, we can build this into the learning platform so you and your team can access it.  

Customised training


The sky’s the limit with access to an extensive library boasting over 100,000 resources. Whether your crew dreams of climbing the ladder or just wants to brush up on their skills, our platform has a range of tailored content! Give your team the tools they need to thrive within the workplace and beyond! Our platform turns everyday heroes into workplace legends. Serving as a springboard for career advancement, our platform offers courses in conflict resolution, productivity enhancement, and mental health communication, preparing your staff for future leadership roles. 

So, what are the perks?

Here’s what our LMS brings to the table: 

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Benefits for businesses

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Custom-built content tailored to your industry  
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Boosted job performance and upskilled staff 
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Consistency and flexibility so learning fits your schedule (not the other way around) 
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Keep your crew happy and hangin’ around – invest in their development and watch loyalty skyrocket 
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Save time and cash – spend less time on admin and training and more time on growth 
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Level up your leadership game 
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Safety first – protect your team with our proactive safety training 

Benefits for workers

Flexibility – upskill anywhere, anytime 
Unlock new career doors like a boss – from promotion to a career change 
Personal and professional growth 
Dive into a sea of knowledge and endless resources (think 100,000+) 
Work for a boss who’s got your back 
Set yourself up for the future with new knowledge and skills 
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Easy as pie

Say goodbye to complex training systems and boring face to face workshops. Hit us up today to find out more. Book a 1:1 consult with Karlee. 

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