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IR & HR Regulation.

Stress free environment, we take on the risk

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Juggling IR and HR regulation comes with its own set of challenges – deciphering complex laws, ensuring proper employee classification as well as actioning legislative changes.

Our IR and HR wizards are here to make your employee management journey a breeze. From boosting retention to resolving incidents, we find HR solutions the right way - no shortcuts here!

Tribe handles

Proactive performance management (and the sad stuff, investigations, warnings and terminations)
Legislative changes
Policies and procedures
Learning and development

Check this out!

You're left with

Alerting Tribe to any incidents or concerns
...even more time gained, win win!

Ready to dive into IR and HR?


Pick your involvement level

No shortcuts

Trust in

We’ll keep you updated on the latest legislative updates that matter to you – award rates, HR compliance and entitlements. 

As part of the PeopleIn group we have specialist teams in payroll and onboarding, HR and IR.

Looking to outsource human resources to the best in the biz? With your own dedicated account manager, we take a proactive approach to ensure your team is always operating at their best with regular client meetings. 

This is where we dive into performance hiccups and looking at performance trends to resolving conflict, we're here to empower you with insights and HR solutions that will transform your workforce game.  

Buckle up, we're here

We’ll speak to everyone involved to get the full picture and determine if any concerns need further action to be taken. Before we close out the investigation, we’ll make sure we’ve come to a conclusion and it’s crystal clear for all parties.

How's that work?

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Sounds too good to be true? Ask Cara!

If you’re still with us, hit us up for a one on one 15 minute chat to see if we align. We promise it won’t turn into a constant hustle where you hear from us every other day. 

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