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Tribe Scenario: An employee strains their back at work - here's how we can help

The sitch: bartender strains his back   

Picture this: a bartender was moving stock to get ready for a busy weekend, went to lift a box and reported pain and discomfort in his back. The bartender didn’t need a hospital visit but he wasn’t in shape to continue his shift.   

Tribe swoops in   

Fortunately the bartender’s manager got in touch with Tribe straight away. The Tribe team was looped in and made aware of the incident, with one goal - to make sure the bartender was ok, and to offer alternative suitable duties at work while he recovered from his injury. Here’s how:  

  • Incident report: As this was a relatively minor incident that didn’t require a hospital visit, Tribe was notified within 24 hours. Tribe jumped on the phone with the bartender to suss out whether any treatment was needed and got all the deets. Tribe also got in touch with the business to find out whether they needed to fill the bartender’s upcoming shifts.  

  • Suitable duties and admin: Tribe whipped up a plan to get that bartender back in action. The plan included suitable duties to keep the bartender working in other areas of the biz and conduct an investigation with the employer to determine if any controls could be implemented to minimise a reoccurrence of this incident.  

See here for our full return to work process! 

How Tribe keeps workplace incidents at bay  

Along with supporting businesses with other business as usual duties, here's how Tribe helped the business from having another manual handling incident from occurring again:  

  • Trends: Tribe is always reviewing any incident reports to keep an eye out for trends, and if required provide refresher training to workers. Heard of TribeTraining? That’s where you can find a bunch of Tribe’s useful resources.  

  • Consultations: Tribe regularly checks in with staff to see how they are doing, and if they are aware of any hazards to help Tribe and the business stay on top of their game.  

  • Follow ups: Tribe followed up with the bartender once he was back to work to check in on how he was going.   

We're here to help our clients get their employees back to what they do best.  

Find out more about our services with a 1:1 consult > 

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