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Tribe Scenario: A chef cuts their hand at work, here's how we can help

The sitch: Chef cuts hand 

Picture this: it’s Sunday morning and a cafe’s kitchen hands are bracing for another big day. They’re getting prep done to beat the brekky rush hour. But before he knows it, one of the kitchen hands has cut his finger. We won’t get into the details, but he wasn’t in shape to continue his shift, and after a visit to the hospital for stitches it’s looking like he’ll be out of action for the next few days.  

Tribe swoops in  

Fortunately, Tribe saved the day. As soon as the cafe dialled the Tribe team’s number to report the incident, the business could rest assured everything was looked after. Here’s how: 

  • Swift support: As soon as Tribe was notified about the incident, Tribe jumped on a call with the cafe owner to check whether they needed any additional support. Tribe also contacted the injured worker straight away to offer assistance and made sure they got to the hospital safely.    

  • Work cover: After the worker returned from the hospital, Tribe provided support in navigating the work cover process. Tribe aimed to assist with the complexities of work cover and helped the injured worker return to work smoothly.  

  • Return to work: Although the worker couldn’t be in the kitchen while recovering from his injury, Tribe assessed other tasks he would be fit for duty to complete. Tribe had him working behind the till, which is much better than the alternative of keeping the injured employee at home and on the couch.   

See here for our full return to work process! 

How Tribe keeps workplace incidents at bay 

On top of supporting clients with business as usual duties, Tribe also works alongside businesses to try and eliminate similar incidents from re-occurring, here’s how: 

  • Resources: Tribe continues to arm the cafe owner with monthly workplace health and safety assistance to help them be more proactive in preventing injuries.  

  • Safety assessments: Tribe conducts regular workplace assessments onsite to assist with identifying any hazards and work with the business owner to develop controls for his workers (and continue to do this regularly). 

  • Regular site visits: On top of supporting businesses when incidents occur, Tribe checks in with clients every fortnight to make sure everything’s running smoothly. 

No matter the incident, Tribe doesn’t mess around. We’re here to help you get employees back to work and support you in preventing similar incidents from happening again.  

Find out more about our services with a 1:1 consult > 

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