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Tribe Scenario: Slips, trips and falls at work - how Tribe swoops in

The sitch: car wash attendant slips on the wet floor  

Picture this: it was a busy Saturday morning at the car wash and the attendants were working hard to get through the busy line of cars coming through. As a worker moved along to the next car he slipped on the wet floor and landed on his arm, fracturing it. This was a serious injury, and the attendant was sent to hospital. 

Tribe swoops in   

Here’s how Tribe swooped in to save the day:


  • Showing up when it matters:  Because Tribe was notified right away, Tribe met the employee at the hospital and kept the client in the loop. 

  • Return to work team: Tribe’s recover at work team checked in with the injured attendant and assisted in getting relevant documents together while liaising with work cover. 

  • Getting the employee back to work: Tribe communicated regularly with the injured employee, client and treatment providers to ensure he was taken care of and on track with recovery to make sure he was in tip top shape before returning to work.  

See here for our full return to work process! 

How Tribe keeps workplace incidents at bay  

Tribe works very hard with our clients to try and eliminate similar incidents from re-occurring and here’s on top of other business as usual duties. Here’s how:  

  • Education: With Tribe's resources we reach all your staff at once. We send out communications (sometimes as an SMS) reminding staff of important safety information. 

  • Incident minimisation and training: When serious incidents occur, Tribe does its best to ensure similar incidents don’t happen again, working with our clients to develop higher order preventative controls. Tribe can also issue personalised safety toolbox talks to help keep your staff in the know about lessons learnt from incident investigations on how to prevent similar incidents from happening again. 

With Tribe on the job, we handle all the nitty-gritty paperwork for you so you can continue running your business knowing that your staff are taken care of. 

Find out more about our services with a 1:1 consult > 

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