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  • Tim Mellifont

Cost Saving Benefits from Outsourcing HR

As a manager, I can say that without a doubt, one of the biggest losses in productivity is managing staff.

Anytime you’re resolving issues with the staff you’re unavailable for everything else, including looking at the bigger picture. Yes, if you want to play devil’s advocate you could argue that managing staff is part of being a manager - but does it have to be?

Indulge me in this thought experiment. Have you paused recently to consider what it costs you each time you step away from other tasks to look after staff issues? What does it cost you in time? In energy? In investments?

At Tribe, we have.

We believe there are smarter ways to work - like outsourcing staff management from recruitment to retention and everything in between. Partnering with Tribe means you can step away and zoom out to focus your energy where it needs to go rather than losing time onboarding new staff, training existing staff on new systems and dealing with administrative issues such as pay queries.

As our partner you will handle the recruitment process - after all, you know your business inside out so you are best placed to source the right staff. Once you’ve identified the best staff you simply handball to us, we’ll vet the applicants - including thorough medical background checks to ensure the applicant is up to the role requirements - and provided all is well, we’ll begin the onboarding process, leaving you to manage the business.

Using a rostering program call Human Force/Time Target you can manage the roster to suit the business needs, this is where the staffing side starts and ends for you. We look after any staff conflict, including any disciplinary action required; verbal, written or even dismissal - we take care of it so you don’t have to. With a full HR/IR, payroll, safety and return to work team available to you we have covered all of the bases.

Maintaining payroll systems, office space and the staff to operate these systems eats into budgets, and into precious management time. By partnering with Tribe Workforce we alleviate the burden and cost, reduce your overheads and implement streamlined systems to improve your bottom line, we’ll address compliance issues along the way and automate the workflow, to deliver the kind of HR efficiency you dream of.

Maximum flexibility is available to ensure you receive the right support for the size of your business. Our goal is always to save you money and time. As a new business, there will be a certified agreement in play, for a current business we’ll implement an IFA.

What is most important is that we meet your business needs, giving you the freedom to direct your energy where it needs to go - like the growth of your business!

As a manager, we tend to want to look after all of the things, it’s in our DNA - I certainly know I do, but the truth is, it isn’t always the best approach - our skill set can be better applied. Existing clients describe working with us as de-risking their business, and I believe this is where the real savings are.

Partnering with Tribe gives you the freedom to focus on the operations and the big goals - which is why you became a manager in the first place, right?


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