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  • Tim Mellifont

How Do Tribe Monitor Employee Performance?

Among the daily challenges faced by managers and owners, surely one of the biggest challenges is effectively monitoring staff and documenting this information for ongoing management purposes. This process doesn’t happen on its own, someone must record and action all of that data. Unfortunately, that someone is generally the manager or owner, who already has a lot on their plate.

The reality is, so much can happen during a workday that sometimes it’s just not possible to manage staff the way you would like. Competing demands and time-sensitive decisions can often shift the focus, leaving staff management pushed further down the to-do list. None of this is conducive to building the best and most robust team and company culture, which is why Tribe have delivered an elegant solution, ensuring you get to enjoy the wins with your staff, and we look after the bumpy bits.

Open communication is key to all relationships, and it’s no different with the Tribe portal. A two-way street ensures communication is managed from you to us, and from us to you - so nothing gets missed and you’re always in the loop. Open communication is vital to make sure that problems are managed sensitively and efficiently.

Using the Tribe portal, managers and owners can securely record relevant information about staff. The Tribe team will then assess the information and take action as required. Sometimes that action could be disciplinary, sometimes it could be re-training or upskilling to ensure task requirements are met. Whatever the case - Tribe will look after it.

The advantage of using the portal is that items can be actioned in real-time, meaning you won’t miss a thing when juggling multiple tasks in your day today. Simply enter a note when something pops up and the Tribe team will do the rest, leaving you to get on with your day to day and not bogged down in staff management.

Another great element of using the portal, is that you get to enjoy all of the perks such as gifting awards of recognition and incentives to staff and Tribe will look after all of the downsides; official warnings, dismissals and conflicts between staff - we take care of it so you don’t have to!

If you’re like so manny owners and managers looking for ways to optimise your day having Tribe look after staff management may just be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Using our innovative portal to manage two-way communication we’ll take a proactive approach to manage staff and together, get the best from your team.

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