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  • Tim Mellifont

Top Tactics to Attract Customers to Your Brand

As a customer, we’ve all had at least two types of experiences; the worst is feeling disregarded by staff as if we’re wearing an invisibility cloak and the best is feeling so cared for as a customer that you pause to wonder how great it would be to be part of a team with such a positive culture - the energy is contagious. The latter, of course, is the goal. After all, a strong culture attracts customers and new staff like bees to nectar.

We’re keen to show you how you can use Tribe Workforce Solutions to build a great team culture, attract staff who embody the company values, and in doing so connect with new customers.

Here are our top tips to attract new customers to your brand through clever staffing solutions.

Get clear on your culture. What kind of work culture do you want to cultivate - what sets your staff apart? Why would customers choose your business? Do you offer personalised service? Remember customer's names? Perhaps you have signature touches to make the customer feel special. Define these elements.

What kind of staff mix do you need? What kind of staff is going to connect best with potential customers and engage well with existing customers? Remember the goal is to attract customers to your brand, your staff plays a pivotal role.

Get personal. Share the personality of your staff with your customers and select staff who will shine - show off who you are beyond the business name so customers know whom they are buying from.

Leverage the skillsets of staff, for example, look for someone who is great at capturing photos of in-house product displays for your socials and can operate the EFTPOS machine!

Tribe can support you to build a roster of staff who will attract customers to your brand through assisting with the hiring, onboarding, and management of the staff. Once you’re clear on the personnel needs for your company hand over the staffing reigns to Tribe so you can get back to growing your business.

We’ll manage the right mix of personalities to maximise engagement with your target demographic. We want customers to feel care for and special, and the right staff under effective management can achieve just that.

We help you build up a strong culture via open and honest communication with you, every step of the way. It isn’t in anyone's interests to have staff on board who don’t buy into the business ideals, and when we identify this we’ll look after any disciplinary action or re-training needs to ensure everyone is on board with the messaging.

We’ll look after the team for you - including the nitty-gritty like admin and payroll - and save you the headache of trying to run a business and manage staff at the same time.

By working with Tribe, we can ensure you have an effective team that invites more like-minded staff into the fold and will work to attract customers to your brand.

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